Green Keeping

branches pp

I have been known to clean up the local park of fallen branches, palm fronds and tree limbs. These get mulched and put into the garden. Sometimes I have assistance in the matter. Sometimes I go on alone. I figure it saves the council workers from having to do it before they mow the grass and often on weekends a branch can be laying there for the whole weekend. Some are quite a decent size too. Once removed, the grass looks nice and kept again.

Unlike our front ‘lawn’.

Our front lawn is practical. It gets parked on by visitors, used for adding green matter to the compost bin and is not solely comprised of lawn at all.


It has remained as it is for decades, so I’m not in a rush to change it when the back area needs a make-over for several compelling reasons. In the meantime, I get to watch what happens during the really big wet weather events and during the hot, late summer days. Perhaps over time I will hatch a plan.




3 thoughts on “Green Keeping

  1. Well you don’t need a lawn for the little fellas to play on – you’ve got a beautifully kept one just across the road! We ended up using a mix of fescue grass (which is non-invasive), red and white clover on our paths in the forest garden. It’s great to improve the soil, generate a lot of input for the compost and it feeds the bees (we don’t mow everything at once). The chooks and ducks nibble some of it too. But the down-side is it needs watering in our summer.


  2. How nice that you are able to help out in the park. We do it to some degree, but need to be careful about it. Someone actually accused me of ‘stealing’ what needed to be hauled away.


    1. Another casualty on the weekend. Some kids got a ball caught in a tree. Dad, doing the best he could, was trying to pull back and forth on a branch which eventually broke off. Thoughtfully though, he put it into one of the garden beds so it was out of the way and not so noticeable. We were in the park later in the day and retrieved it.

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