There needs to be something to aim for, so here is my handful of goals for the project.

* To have the garden supply at least two thirds of the fresh food intake of the family. At last count this was me, my wife and Maiki and Jazz.

* To create a highly biodiverse micro-environment that is sustaining and is effortlessly integrated with the general household.

* To basically increase the output within the system while decreasing the input with regard to supplies.

* To reduce waste and to utilise as much as possible within the system itself.

* To record the project on this blog while working through an Introduction to Permaculture course so that I can share my records with others.

As of July 2010:

* Our average household waste for council removal is one standard shopping bags worth of garbage.

At present all bio scraps are recycled within the system either through g-pigs, aerobin, compost heap or direct digging into the garden.

All cardboard and newspapers are stored and recycled through various uses before either going into the aerobin or garden.

* Greywater from bathroom and laundary is fed into the garden and supplemented with rainwater when necessary. All drinking and cooking water is supplied from rainwater tank.

* Kitchen sink greywater is fed into a separate greywater arrangement to the bathroom and laundary and processed through the garden.