Back Yard Bird List

It is always interesting to me to record the birds that visit the gardens around which I live. Here is a list of those that I have seen here.

Petit Paradis Site

Grey Fantail
Willy Wagtail
New Holland Honeyeater
Western Rosella
Red Wattlebird
Brown Honeyeater (Usually only until the NH Honeyeaters take chase)
Welcome Swallow on roof
Black-faced Cuckoo-Shrike
White-breasted Robin (in mid-summer in eucalyptus out back, not seen since.)
Western Silvereye
Yellow-rumped Thornbill (brief stop, several birds 12 May 2011)
Red-capped Parrot
Rufous Whistler (female x 1 in the garden/on deck on the 8th July 2011 with silvereyes.)
Grey Currawong (Nov 2012)
Australian Raven
Western Magpie
Grey Shrike-Thrush (2012)
Splendid Wren/Red-winged Wren (to be confirmed)
Horsefields Bronze Cuckoo (Winter 2016)
Pallid Cuckoo (2015)

Passing Overhead

Sacred Ibis
Little Black Cormorant
Elegant Parrot
Purple-Crowned Lorikeet
Black-shouldered Kite
Nankeen Kestrel
Little Eagle
White-tailed Black Cockatoo
Red-tailed Black Cockatoo
Straw-necked Ibis


Tillellan Site

Western Magpie

New Holland Honeyeater