Here are some of the solutions to common problems around the place.
Ants getting into the House.
Place a container of sugar and water solution near the entry area and gradually move it further from the house to entice the ants away. Maintenance: keep the container topped with water and a sugary solution.

Remembering what is planted where in the garden
Marking plants with labels to keep tabs on what is planted where. When it’s not done – you tend to forget sometimes. This can be frustrating. I was after a cheap, effective solution.
I cut up plastic milk bottle sides into a couple of long strips and use a permanent marker pen to write what the seeds are plant are that is planted in the pots or garden. Maintenance: keep a regular supply occurring by cutting up strips each time a bottle is used.

Stopping new seedlings from stressing when planted out
For some of the real fragile seedlings that don’t like too much disturbing but grow fairly easily I use paper pots. I make these paper pots which don’t take much time once you get the hang of it. They are cheap (recycled newsprint from the local paper), they contain the seedlings long enough to get them started and can be planted directly into the ground ensuring the plant is kept moist in the first few days of life in the big world.