The Garden & The Muse

It's 5 am and its dark. Really dark. Inside and out. Gran, with little regard for the silence that embalms the house (because she's losing her hearing), bursts from her bedroom door and wheels herself into the bathroom with an urgency we won't see for the rest of the day. The noise echoes through the … Continue reading The Garden & The Muse

ANZAC Day Flowers

The wreath above was put together by a local Albany Girl Guide Unit for placing at the ANZAC Day Service today and the War Memorial. It featured protea, rosemary and whatever else matched the colour theme from the gardens of Guides and Leaders. Meanwhile, down at the beach the display of poppies was growing as … Continue reading ANZAC Day Flowers

Unicorn Bird Bath – Recycled Magic for the Garden

Some items around the place have a final destination that doesn't include auctions, charity stores, selling or landfill. For instance this kids horse bike was found in one of the clearances. It used to be Mrs PP's and I remember having similar in my childhood. It was used by our boys and a combination of … Continue reading Unicorn Bird Bath – Recycled Magic for the Garden

Petit Paradis in Collage

The Eighth instalment of our annual bit of artwork tracking the Two Little Fellas. This year, on a whim, our youngest Little Fella takes the stage given that he's played smaller roles in previous pictures and I loved how he embraced his nature playground in the garden - quite literally. Over the years friends and … Continue reading Petit Paradis in Collage

The Looming Clouds of Overwhelm

What a time. There is so much going on that The Looming Clouds of Overwhelm are deepening and darkening. Suffice to say that, being this close to Christmas, we will not be moving house until the New Year. And then some. overwhelm    əʊvəˈwɛlm/  verb 1. bury or drown beneath a huge mass of something, … Continue reading The Looming Clouds of Overwhelm