The Muse, Avocado Trees & The Yearning

g muse petit paradis

It is nearly time to start to plant out more trees.

I really had no set agenda for this. Not so soon at any rate. It is simply occurring like a strong feeling. An idea or thought about what I should probably do that is accompanied by a yearning, a compelling urge to follow through on it. And in my procrastination to do so, it only feels like its’ getting stronger. Urging me to go check out the top of the garden.

It could be the Muse with a Green Thumb. I’m not sure. Maybe a random impulse. But I’m getting a strong message or feeling to plant avocado trees in the top right corner of our block. I’ve read a bit about avocado planting and development and it might be a good spot. Though I could think about it too much and get quite involved in an intellectual debate with myself and not do anything at all.

So I have made the resolution to take the seeds I have and plant them out tomorrow. A simple task. But not nearly so easy, in reality, I am sure. The soil will need a little attention. Still, best to undertake the exercise and be done with it than be awoken at 4am each morning with the equivalent of a feather to my twitching nose and a universe/garden/muse/intuition or subconscious mind  . . . . .  whatever-it-is, reminding me to take the shovel and plant the damn avocado seeds!

At the very least, if they ever need removing then I guess I’ll cross that bridge when it comes. So the downside is minimal – I hope. And the upside, quite a rewarding stand of avocado trees that may or may not fruit, but will no doubt look good anyway.

Because they do. To me, a well kept avocado tree looks like a good tree.

3 thoughts on “The Muse, Avocado Trees & The Yearning

  1. The other concern about growing them from seed (besides the quality of potential lack of fruit) is that seedlings are in a juvenile stage for a few years. They grow very vigorously and vertically before developing much of a branch structure. After a few years, they branch better and begin to bloom. You can certainly prune them down during this process, and get them bloom (when they are mature) at a lower level. Scions for grafted trees are adult growth, that is ready to branch and bloom.


    1. Yes, they will need a bit of protection and pampering though a bit of up-front organisation should see them through safely until they develop. As per the seed and fruiting potential they will most likely supplement the ‘proper trees’ down in the garden as far as cross-pollination possibilities. Cheers Tony.

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