Post 400 – Welcome & Thank you, Cabbages & The Full Moon

July 28th, 2010 was when I started recording our garden and household goings on with this blog.

Since then there have been months of crazy posting and other months too busy to do much at all. There have been years where I posted 8 times and others where I’ve posted 126 times. So for a 400th post to casually creep around, it may have slipped by altogether, just like the 100th, 200th and 300th did. The only reason is I can now see it on my posts page. Otherwise I would not have had a clue. And I guess, if one keeps doing the same thing, eventually, at some point, 400 posts is going to occur. It is inevitable. But it’s all relative too. There’s no comparisons to make, because this is our journey. So I’m not sure if it’s a milestone by any means, but it’s certainly a nice round number.


So I figure, I’ll do something a little different to at least mark the occasion, because in marking the occasion we are actually marking the journey thus far. At least that’s my current frame of mind for such a moment. Its not a birthday, but its a tad significant – because I feel like making it so. That’s all. Oh, and its a Full Moon.

Firstly though, some insights. Simply because, since switching to WordPress we’ve somehow managed to pick up an eclectic little group of followers. This is new to me. I started this blog as an on-line garden journal and record keeping mechanism. Quite a personal thing really, though we had friends and family that casually observed our journey. So part of my overall desire was to inspire them further in achieving their own success in backyard gardening and to think about the impact their lifestyle has on our environment.


So we have some followers. Thank you. Consider this an official welcome to the little paradise that is our home and garden and community.


For the folks that have contributed the most wonderful feedback on my posts such as Tony Tomeo and Martin at Much More Mulch – thank you also. It has furthered my thinking and offered some fresh perspectives on things. It broadens the outlook from one garden to another. One location to another.

It also appears that our desire to inspire friends and family has been taken a step further beyond our region with World Organic News re-posting some of our posts. Thank you Jon. I hope there are more cabbages in the world through our efforts.


As mentioned elsewhere, this blog was created to record our experiences and observations of our journey and for a source of reference for our friends and family. This latter reason will become a little more evident over the next 12 – 18 months as we begin to get stuck into the new garden area itself, now that we have relocated to a larger property. We’ve been too distracted by ‘houses’ the last few years. Particularly our new home – its preparation, its renovation and the moving in and sorting out of the house we left behind. If you are new to gardening or permaculture ways then it may offer you some fresh insights as we virtually start from scratch again and build up. Only with a little more experience behind us from earlier ventures. And a strong desire to make changes we feel will be part of the way forward, particularly for western society.

Behind it all is a masterplan of a more consolidated lifestyle. A family life of experiences and education. Of home-grown food and stewardship of the soil and nature. Seed saving and real food. Taking what we started out doing – and doing more of it as we reduce the clutter that has been orbiting through our homes. We are taking Gran with us too. She had no idea what she was getting into really, but the alternatives were few and unfavourable. So in many ways we are opening up her world and she gets a few in from left field to us from time to time.


So, here it goes. Post 400 unfurls on the world! If you haven’t seen it, well – I guess you won’t miss it. If you’ve read this far – welcome. And thank you. Please, continue the journey with us.

But if it’s nice outside, go get amongst it. You can always come back here. We’re not going away!



You may or may not have noticed there are not many personal pics, if any, and this is due to my strong desire for privacy and also a little more to do with my job. Perhaps in time, this will change.

8 thoughts on “Post 400 – Welcome & Thank you, Cabbages & The Full Moon

  1. That is an interesting post script. My posts have similar constraints, which for me, can be uncomfortable at times.
    I did not notice that you posted infrequently. I thought that it had been much more regular, although, I am rather new to this.


    1. Thank you Tony. I post in fits and starts. When there are words, there is a post. When there are no words, I keep thinking and observing. I am going to take some inspiration from your Summer Deciduous post in the near future I think. More to come. . . Thanks again.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I don’t post photos of myself (or family and friends) either. Apart from the privacy aspect, it seems strange to send out photos to all and sundry which have nothing to do with the content!


    1. Yes it is interesting. I like to see people. I enjoy the visuals and the stories people have to tell. It is however something that I’ve not really embraced or offered myself largely because of privacy and a desire to be a little anonymous. Local people know me of course. I’m known in the community, but I keep reserved in the on-line world as far as the blog. Thanks for commenting Helen. Much appreciated.


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