Generation Waste

  We are not our stuff. We are more than our possessions. Our memories are within us, not our things. Our stuff weighs on us emotionally and mentally. Old photographs can be scanned. You can take pictures of items you want to remember. Items sentimental to us can be useful to others. Letting go is … Continue reading Generation Waste

The University of Diversity

I was maybe 8 years old when I came across this book at a car boot sale in Fremantle. It was some ridiculously affordable price like 50c, and I had the pocket money to buy it. It is my first memory of the broader diversity of nature. It showcased to me a wider world of … Continue reading The University of Diversity

Phases Of Abundance – Tillellan

I've never heard so many Sacred Kingfishers around the place before. It's unusual yet fantastic. I've also started noticing the Citrus Swallowtails are emerging as are the Vine Moths now that there is an abundance of fresh, green, tender leaves on the grape vines. I have also heard many cicadas at the new garden and … Continue reading Phases Of Abundance – Tillellan

Soil Creation

Soil Creation Whenever earth is moved it is wise to plant and / or seed as soon as possible. In other words, where earth disturbance is planned it is important to also have organised what species and methods (strategies) will be used to stabilise the area. With our initial earthworks at Tillellan there was a … Continue reading Soil Creation

Update for Tillellan

My Dad has been working in his shed. Patching and sanding, reassembling items that we have had stored away in order to place into the new house. Some items like the mirror above we've bought to add to the character of the place. We liked the round mirror as it echoes the porthole windows in … Continue reading Update for Tillellan