Update for Tillellan

petitparadis mirror

My Dad has been working in his shed.

Patching and sanding, reassembling items that we have had stored away in order to place into the new house. Some items like the mirror above we’ve bought to add to the character of the place. We liked the round mirror as it echoes the porthole windows in the living area.

It’s been really nice to see some of the older stuff get a fresh start again and actually utilised rather than sit around for one day, maybe, perhaps…

I dropped the two revitalised mirrors off at the house this morning and caught up with the builders. In the last couple of days there has been some changes. The back deck area has been started and painting of the front of the house has continued with the last few panels of the balustrades standing by for the rough cast render to be applied. This will match the front of the house, as it did on the original house.

We made a decision today though to forgo the original frosted glass windows from the front deck and instead get new glass. The old windows were, well …. old. Too much work would be required to patch, repair and put in place and even then they don’t stand up to current building regulations – the glass is too thin. They may possibly be used in the back garden however, so not a total loss.

Soon the kitchen should be fitted out and then some further painting before the floor boards get a sanding. We think we have found a sealing product that we are happy to apply and we are eager to do this ourselves.

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