I heard a figure the other day I can’t really believe. At first I heard that Australian Agriculture accounts for 5% of our GDP. That in itself I found to be remarkably low. I have since heard figures quoted that are below this.

I guess what that figure means to me is a couple of things all in one.

  • I get the suspiscion that we are not making the most of our productive land as it stands.
  • That we really aren’t an agricultural nation at all –
  • and given that we aren’t an agricultural nation – where is it all coming from?!
  • It makes me wonder what percentage of our food products is imported – let alone shipped from state to state!

I have grown disheartened and outraged by our supermarkets. I don’t even like going there anymore. I am grateful for a local farmers market but I am just as determined to grow my own vegetables and foods and supplement these where needed from the farmers market.

Some years ago I was alarmed at the chemicals found in personal care products. I used to think the only aisle worth shopping from was the fruit and vege aisle. Now I’ve pretty much written that off too. The new world fresh food people …… pigs bottom!

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