Water Harvest

I have had to amend the grey water system because there was still a lot of run-off from the first design and I wanted to catch this water to use. I have since added two more barrels to catch this water. These are connected with tapped hoses which I can either use to fill a watering can or run straight into the garden. I have been experimenting with a soaker hose and tapping the water into a soaker hose in the back garden. I now realize that I really should look at creating some swales. For several reasons. Firstly to make the most of the water I am putting into the garden. Also to create a soil stabilizer along the back fence to assist with the upkeep of the fence. The garden on the other side is slightly lower and I don’t wish to have built the garden up too high to put undue pressure on the metal fence.

I also believe it will create a better environment for the plants through what I am expecting to be a long, hot summer. So my plan is to empty the aerobin of its compost and use this to create a slight bank along the back fence. Just enough to make the most of the water supply and to create a more stable environment for the plants in that area.

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