Garden Finds

It pays to check your garden gloves if you should happen to have left them lying around for some time. This is a good find (at the bottom of a pot that had others inside it). I do happen to like Huntsman Spiders and its another to add to my list of garden critters.

These I am not so fond of. Past experience has proven to me these somewhat pretty looking butterflies/moths like to leave eggs on grapevines that hatch into creepy looking caterpillars than can decimate a vine if not kept in check. I shall have to have a good inspection of the garden in a couple of days.

And this is Gizmo just before he wisely decided to withdraw from the garden bed and NOT dig it up this time – since the camera was out.

“Oh no – sprung! Abort mission, evasive action . . . . . It wasn’t me!”

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