Note to Self! – Broad Beans

Last year I planted the broad beans too late. We still got a small harvest, but nothing worth mentioning despite the fact I just have.

So this year I am ready – which is why this blog is here, to remind me of all the things I have done and to look at the things I want to do.

So, I am going to sow several patches of broad beans as the soil in most of the garden is still piled with grass clippings and it will be a great crop to have while waiting for the plant material and newspapers to break down over winter.

I found this helpful link to growing broad beans.

So, despite the warm weather ( I know it can turn suddenly) I will plant out a small patch today and work on the advice of planting every three weeks. I have seeds from a large harvest two years ago and would really prefer to have some fresh, new seeds in store. Plus, I am expecting a good healthy harvest as the soil today is not the same soil it was twelve months ago. I will have nice, strong, large plants and beans!

Anyway, enough – out to the garden.

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