Zone One – Herb Garden, Exotics Sun Trap

A change of plan, well, kind of.

I have a small garden area which grew some self-sown tomatoes last spring/summer and has been ear-marked for a herb garden.

Then a raised garden bed herb garden.

Then just a normal garden of herbs. Like low down. In the earth, normal.

Then nothing, because of finances and the like I was not sure what I was going to do with it. And now I have decided. The area really is very dry and it is also and area where some of the plants actually thrive. The babaco for example which I imagine is opening its flowers as I type this.

So, I have also potted up some herbs and I have decided to make it a plain, stone area with potted plants that will do well with the sun trap and add some other pots as I have done before that have water to keep it a little humid. I have a bunch of potted, sun-loving plants now so this will be where they go next.

A reminder to myself that I will take photos of before and after!

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