Photo Update

I took an updated photo of the house from the back corner of the garden as it is becoming so much more of a jungle than it was a few months back. From the main garden bed a grapevine has made its way up to the top deck alongside a Madagascar Bean. To the right are two towers of strawberry plants just planted out as a way of making the most of vertical space. Near to these is the choko vine that spread along the west facing wall but has been pruned back, but is also taking over the north facing side of the deck- as you can see it has almost made its way to the living room windows.

The banana to the left has put on impressive growth also over the last six months and has had many leaves open out as it has climbed upwards.

I should add here too that the bulbs I planted a few weeks back are just starting to peak through the soil in their pots. Most of these are snowdrops.

I calculated that next season if I planted out 15 choko vines we should be able to cover the whole house. My wife wasn’t so sure about it.

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