Psychology and Gardening

An interesting article I found on the net. Very interesting.

Consider the earthy pleasures of gardening. You’re outdoors. The sun warms your muscles. You’re doing something both productive and edifying. And the activity places you back into the natural world, where exercise and relaxation are organically linked.

Edible gardening is better still; even the smallest of backyard or container gardens can put a surprising amount of food on your table in ways that make great nutritional and economic sense. Not to mention the juicy satisfaction of plucking that robust tomato or those tart raspberries.

But there is an even bigger yield. Call it soil-borne wellness, and here is where science is plowing totally new ground. Researchers are discovering that growing your own food—however much or little you can do—is better for your health than anyone ever suspected. And the nutritional value of what you harvest is almost the least of it. Growing your own food by messing around in your own garden proves to be nature’s fruitful way of cultivating your health—physically and psychologically.

Read the rest of the article here.

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