Hedge Gardens – letting the plants do their own thing.

At the border of the new garden bed is a bit of extra garden area that I have decided to keep as a hedge garden where I can put all the flowering plants and odds and ends and really just let them do their own thing. It’s a mix of bulbs, herbs like rosemary, lavendar and borage, daisies, grasses, the cape gooseberry (which is pictured below), sugar cane, and at the end it is finished off with the banana.

The bed near the chook pen has garlic and sweet peas with a healthy cover of nasturtiums at the moment which is sheltering it all and keeping some of the peas supported. In time this will be removed and added to the compost. It is also camouflaging the other crop of broad beans from the wandering eye of the guinea pigs who have still not found it or been able to reach it. This is a good thing as you can see from the other crop of broad beans near the borage plants that they got into when the barricades fell in windy weather.

The guinea pigs enjoyed the broad beans. So far the rest of the beans have not been reached or discovered.

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