The Blue Gate

Penny Chook Chook was not happy after I put her and the girls back into the straw yard after so much freedom while I worked in the garden over my holidays. It took her a little while to settle back into being in the pen again.

They really turned the garden over, which was good. The spinach took a real beating but I transplanted them into other areas of the garden to get leaves off them later for the chooks. I have also planted a lot more seeds of spinach so I have extra for the chooks.

Following the last few days of rain the garden has had another growth explosion with the borage, nasturtiums and garlic really taking off. The banana is looking happier also, especially with the warmer weather encroaching.

Oh, and the choko has really taken off from its root stock from last year. In fact, it never really totally died down over winter and has just taken off again. I also have a white flesh one that I want to grow this year.

The sunflower seeds have all sprouted and there are small seedlings reaching for the sky already. I will wait until they form a little more before planting them out in masses. I have some Russian Sunflower seeds (Giant Russian) I am also growing this year and after planting some into a pot and having the chooks take a liking to them I figure I should also have plenty spare to feed the chooks too.

Might as well make up to them for locking them back in the pen!

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