Goodbye Grevillea

Today I removed my favourite grevillea. It was a Grevillea olivacea with yellow flowers and each winter it was covered – COVERED! – in nectar rich flowers that brought the birds in from everywhere.

Unfortunately, after its abundant flowering this year (it was still flowering up until today also) the branches were getting too, too heavy and were thinning out and it looked like it was dying out at the bottom and looked a little disheveled. So, out it came. Out came the mulcher. Poor grevillea became mulch for the front native garden. In its absence a little silvereye perched on a nearby tree and gave a little warble. Not a sad warble, just a … well, a life goes on warble in a way. It was probably a little celebration warble I should think. Quite lovely.

So, also in absence of the grevillea is a rather large area of side garden. I’d already purchased a lilly-pilly in anticipation of the event but am also reconsidering that – although it is a bush lilly-pilly rather than a tree.

A couple of new ideas came to me. How I could incorporate my strawberry growing set-up to expand it into one that would see us reaping a more abundant harvest of strawberries by tapping into the pond water. The little experiment I’ve had running is working VERY well. So why not improve on it and make it bigger?

While I had the opportunity to get to the fence I nailed up some trellis wire so that if I wanted to grow anything along it in the future I could. In the meantime I have planted out some choko’s and Jelly beans (Californian poppy mix I think), and red marigolds and some cocks comb and more sunflowers. I’ve never been much of a flower gardener but I like the colours and hope to mix things up a bit with a nice colourful summer garden.

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