The First Cicada

Just a quick note for I have just heard the first cicada for the season. Always a nice sign that the warmer weather is here. Not that I need any reminding. Yesterday and today have been rather hot. Too hot at midday to be in the garden.

The last week or so the silver-eyes have been really vocal in the mornings and often throughout the day. I discovered a nest near the edge of the native wisteria by our bedroom window. All quiet out there today so I am thinking they have started to sit on the eggs perhaps.

Later in the evening…

After posting the above I ventured back out into the garden for the afternoon and was puzzled as to why I hadn’t heard the silvereyes around. Eventually I had a quick look into the nest. Empty. Looked on the ground. Two small pale blue egg broken. Possibly from a day or two ago. How sad. I am not sure but I suspect the New Holland Honeyeaters may have driven the couple away. I will keep an eye out.

Also today I altered the front native garden bed by enlarging it and moving the few native plants right near the house into the garden bed. Happily, when digging into the mulch it was very moist underneath and full of all sorts of insects and fungus that are breaking it down slowly. A really good sign with summer on the way as I don’t water the front garden, preferring the plants to either survive or get moved elsewhere.

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