New Ways in Backyard Gardening

This year I am a little more organised with regards to saving some of the seeds from garden plants. I have even included photos of the tomatoes, as there are a number of different ones I have been growing and some just appeared in the garden during the year. Self-sown and as resilient and productive as ever.

Speaking of which, these pumpkins also grew from a seed that made its way into the back bed and has managed to grow two fruit during the summer. Both of these were on the same vine which appears to be something like a Kent Pumpkin. Unfortunately, while trying to navigate through the jungle to check out the greener of the two it came away from the vine.
As far as being organised, the rest of the garden looks like a bombs hit it. I am in the process of changing the layout of some of the plants now that I have a better idea of what is going to work after two years of living here. Something of a transformation will take place. It may not be spontaneous though, rather slow and awkward I would think. Still, we shall see. It has been fun trying to overcome the various challenges the garden and weather have been throwing around. I think I have some solutions. Stay tuned. I will be posting photos.

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