Corn Harvest

Yesterday, quite early, in a state of mind only a new parent could imagine, I stumbled down to the garden VERY EARLY and set about hacking at the corn and picking the cobs. It felt like rain was going to fall so I busied myself getting the corn and some leaves, seeds and bits and pieces under the house so they could dry out before getting any rain on them. It was a good plan, because eventually the rain came. I should mention that the corn is nearly quite dry and will be used for pop-corn once it is completely dry. I tried some but it is still needing further drying as a friend pointed out. Still the odd hint of light yellow deep within some of the kernels.
The chicks – now not really chicks at all – have taken to flying out of the pen. Mainly because they can and also because, well, look at the temptation laid before them with the back bed! All sorts of stuff to rummage and scavenge through. Which is what the guinea pigs were doing anyway – and have been for days. All set up with their own little boxes to shelter in, they have made themselves quite the little pigs by feasting on the corn leaves, fallen cape gooseberries and kikuyu.
Here is Jazz taking a break whilst some of the rain came in and wet the garden over. It wasn’t much, but it was enough to bring out a decent harvest of snails for the perch and some for the compost bin (to feed to the perch later on.)
In between gardening, cleaning, cooking and caring for the new baby I have been working on various things in relation to our local seed savers group.

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