Today I had the good fortune to have a friend drop by with a bucket of tadpoles and water snails, water boatmen and an aquatic stick insect that I haven’t seen since I was a child and played much closer to water than I do now!
I thought they would do better in the top pond that is filled with watercress so we released them into that one. It flows quite quickly into the larger, koi-filled pond below but the watercress has such thick roots at that end of the pond that the tadpoles would have a real battle trying to get through. At least until they were able to eat their way through, in which case, they would have grown anyway.
So, I shall eagerly await the evolution of the frogs and wait in anticipation for their calls in autumn. Hopefully they will choose to stick around now that the garden is more of a jungle in that area. After-all, our other pet frog was rediscovered the other day as I was filling up a water chestnut tub. It appears he has been keeping himself cool in the tub rather than by the large, plant filled pond. Good on him. I was just so glad to see that he had been staying around. The last lot of froglets we had just disappeared, never to be seen. I’d like to think it had nothing to do with a visit from the neighbour’s stray cats. I can’t be sure.

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