November Update 2013

The last five months have kept us busy and distracted. So I have not posted any updates. Here is the latest.

We have taken on a big project which will eventually involve us re-locating and has had us taking into consideration the type of house we want to live in and the form and function of the garden. More on this later.

For now, the garden has been planted out since August with tomatoes, sunflowers, beans, lettuce, pumpkins, corn and much more. This is mainly so that I can get a large variety of fresh, new seed to see me through the next few years gardens and to increase the seed stock we have.
Another consideration is for our growing family. Now standing at two adults, an inquisitive toddler – not quite two and a small, loud newborn as of early November. There is plenty of salad greens growing for the summer to supplement our food intake.
I have had to really stack a lot of things into the garden in order to accommodate the various ‘demands’ on the garden. Some of these are:
  • Seed saving and growing out plants for new, viable seeds or greater seed supply
  • Growing plants for feeding the family
  • Propagating plants for getting ready to establish for the relocation
  • Seedling raising for planting out in the Seed Sanctuary at the Community Garden
  • Trialing new seeds to test for suitability and use. ie. Chia, buckwheat, chickpea, linseed (Some of these are being trialled for non-edible uses. For example insect attracting capabilites.)

More on this later also. In the meantime I will be logging posts that record some of the techniques I have found to be successful in the way that we use our garden.

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