9 Aussie Gardening & Landscaping Blogs to Inspire You

This website page was discovered recently and much to my surprise and amusement Petit Paradis scrapes in at No. 9. I’m very honored to be in the company of the other blogs listed, they inspire me too. There are some great landscaping pics. Thank you Armstone.


While the posts on this gardening blog have been a little sparse of late, this blog is still an awesome source of information on permaculture. Based in WA, this anonymous blogger provides informative posts about how to set up a permaculture garden in suburbia. Petit Paradis has information on growing permaculture produce as well as gorgeous Western Australian blooms.

Armstone’s Website links of 9 Aussie Gardening & Landscaping Blogs to Inspire You.

I did a post a couple of years back of other backyard gardening blogs that I thought were worthy of checking out. Sadly some of these are either retired, have sporadic postings or have completely disappeared altogether. I can relate to this. Having had kids and being involved in various community ventures, plus working and being a Dad – it is not surprising that sitting at a computer falls at the bottom end of life’s priorities.

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