1 August 2017

What a busy month. I had hallucinations of writing posts on various topics, yet other priorities have encroached on my time and before I am aware of it another 30 odd days has elapsed.

The renovation is building momentum. My wife and I did two trips to Perth. Literally a day trip where we left early and picked up various items and vastly reduced prices compared to local items. Then we did another trip over a weekend with our boys. This was based around my grandfathers 90th birthday celebration – but a considerable amount of time was spent catching up with family, friends and hunting down other bits and pieces for the renovation.


The outside of the house hasĀ  been rendered with rough cast render to replace the original appearance. It has also been painted in undercoats and is nearly completed. The electrical wiring has been installed as has the insulation and the gyprock panels. The painter has also begun to spray undercoat into the interior rooms and begin painting.


The newly refurbished, original bath tub has arrived on site after being stored in THE SHED, as have the bathroom vanities. With recent rainfall the water tanks under the house were quickly filled which gave the plumber an indication of how they will operate when the full system is up and running.

The back retaining wall has been rendered and looks great. Just a bit of finishing off to do.

The earthworks at the back is basically completed with the lumber that I had stockpiled being buried and an area cleared and levelled in anticipation of the two large water tanks to arrive on site very soon.


The scaffolding has started to come down and windows installed. The original doors have all been matched to their new locations throughout the house. Some had frosted glass panels in and these have been placed for effect and practicality where appropriate.

Things are moving at a cracking pace now. With the depths of winter weather starting to ensue most of the outside work has been done for now and the interior is getting the make-over.

On the home front we have also been busy eradicating STUFF from our living space. This has involved bringing up stored boxes from the shed and distributing things out further. Stuff for charity, stuff for selling and the inevitable boxes of stuff that are no longer of use and are quite capable of being recycled. Oddly enough, this is the stuff that excites me the most. The flotsam and jetsam* of the home environment that seems to pervade modern life. Documents, paper work, cardboard, envelopes, bank statements, outdate information and manuals and notepads. I have been stocking up on these boxes for the eventual setting up of our vegetable garden. This is the stuff that takes up a surprising amount of space in our daily lives and will quite easily be gobbled by a new garden just waiting to suck all that organic matter up for a nice, juicy soil.

* useless or discarded objects


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