A Picnic with Creation & Destruction


I do enjoy a good picnic.

Less desirable are the large gaps of time between picnics. So taking a break from working in the garden and sitting on a grassy knoll overlooking views of both beauty and destruction (as above) whilst eating a banana and sipping water is my new picnic. From this place, anything else is a bonus!

And sitting on some lovely, long grass and enjoying a piece of fruit is about as much time as I have for a picnic recently. So, more 5 minute work breaks effectively equates to = More Picnics.

You see. I am winning.

I was reminded of the forces of destruction and creation again today when I saw the following post on the recent fires in California. I am also reminded of the Hindu Gods that make up two thirds of the Hindu Triumvirate or Trimurti. Brahma – the Creator and Shiva – the Destroyer.

Our house renovation passed the point of destruction some weeks back now. From then on it has been a gradual re-creation with Shiva-like progress being made by all the tradesmen involved. Once the foundations and structure had their integrity restored it was just a matter of re-building the place new again.

Meanwhile… our current house represents chaos. Packing boxes with nowhere to go, a garden that is being deconstructed and the chickens have free range and having a great time scratching the place up!

Once we are in the new house and settled, I will then be at the mercy of Vishnu – the preserver and protector. Maintainer of the Up-Keep and Cosmic House Cleaner of the Universe.

A nice, lengthy picnic might just be around the corner.


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