Tagasaste from Seed

taga pp.png

For the record – a brief update on the tagasaste trees. I grew these from seed and though neglected at times during house moves and renovations enough managed to survive to make it into the ground where they have happily grown to over 6 feet.

Though it is not clear from the picture, several of them are growing on or near swales and this spring have really put on strong growth and height. The intention is for them to provide mulch, shelter, rabbit feed, build the soil and eventually be completely mulched themselves if they no longer ‘fit’ or are in the way.


Further Reading:

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2 thoughts on “Tagasaste from Seed

  1. Your post on Growing Tagasaste from Seed inspired me to research them and plant a good 40 or so. (No, I cheated and got tube stock…) Some are doing really well too. Interesting, the chooks aren’t really interested in them – well, not yet. Yours are thriving!


  2. Oh, that looks scary. It would not look so scary if I did not know it is related to the naturalized broom that is such an aggressively invasive weed here. I would be concerned about it escaping, although I doubt it would be as wicked as what is here already.


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