trash pp.png

Mrs PP has created something of a Christmas tradition in the household.

It’s like an Advent Calendar of sorts, only it’s a collection of 25 books with Christmas themes and stories. They are wrapped – with recycled paper from last year if its still good – and put under the Christmas Tree. The Little Fellas take it in turns to open one a day and read the stories or have them read to them.

This year for some reason we have run short, so Mrs PP thought she would do a few Christmas Challenges for the Little Fellas to round out the remaining days with some activity and positive actions. Todays challenge was to take the small bucket that was supplied and fill it with rubbish from the park and the beach.

In the afternoon we put our bathers on and wandered through the park to the beach picking up bits of rubbish here and there. Amazed at what we found. Some of the items included in the picture above include:

  •  an ice-cream cone holder with a dropped ice-cream which wasn’t there when we returned from the beach.
  • a small babies bottle
  •  a barely eaten lollypop
  •  a crushed Christmas bauble
  •  a childrens thong/ flip-flop
  •  a paper crown from a Christmas cracker
  •  a pair of sandy socks
  •  several cigarette butts
  •  several deflated balloons
  •  lots of food wrappers or parts of wrappers
  •  a plastic drink bottle
  •  a plastic bucket handle
  •  a washed up buoy with barnacles from the beach
  •  straws
  •  plastic lollypop sticks

It took less than ten minutes to walk to the beach with each of us picking up bits of rubbish to aid in the challenge. We could have filled probably another bucket and a half. That is including those small things like bottle tops, paper and wrappers.

We enjoyed our swim and returned home to put the rubbish in our bin which rarely ever gets full. We think the Little Fellas took something of a lesson from the challenge. They began to see rubbish in all sorts of places (sadly) and were amazed to find a babies bottle.



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