Under an Oak

Inspired by this beautiful oak tree that we had a picnic under today, I return to the blog to record some of the current occurrences.

I have been very busy in the garden, but today’s post is about how we left home to meet friends in the next town and how much entertainment our two Little Fellas got out of this oak.

We met our new friends and had a bbq, then moved across to sit under the shade of this lovely tree. It was quite a hot day, but under this tree the breeze was just right and we sat in dappled light. Sheltered from the otherwise stark and intense southern sun.

Our boys played happily under the tree and then ventured into the limbs to climb and explore. They were scared and challenged by some of the situations they got themselves into, but they came away with more confidence and having had ‘a good day’.

They slept for a bit in the car on the way home. I was quietly amazed that they had kept themselves so entertained by this tree, not really venturing elsewhere to explore. It was reassuring that they can keep themselves entertained without extra toys or digital play-things.

5 thoughts on “Under an Oak

  1. Hey, I can see your reply on my list, but can not find it here.
    Anyway, there is no need to identify the oak. It just does not look familiar. It is odd to think of an oak as less combustible than other trees, since the oaks that are native to the chaparral climates here are somewhat combustible. After the redwoods, which are not overly combustible, were clear cut harvested, oaks became more prominent, which is why so much of the forest burned last year. Fire got hot enough to kill redwoods that had survived several fires over the past few centuries.


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