Making Stuff: Kombucha

Every man and his orange fish has a post on the wonderful probiotic kombucha. I get asked fairly regularly for a Scobie for others to start their own, or instructions on how to do it. So I decided it was time to create my own post as a quick and easy reference place to send … Continue reading Making Stuff: Kombucha

We all want some figgy pudding!

 Mrs PP reporting in for a little Christmas cheer.There were no Carols by Candlelight here this year due to the rain. The rain was very welcome though, and topped up the tanks and soaked into the soil. Light enough to be damp and long enough to go deep in the soil.I am not the chef … Continue reading We all want some figgy pudding!


Mrs PP writes: The Sauna is the best thing I have ever bought with money, ever. I love how it smells. I like the warm embrace. I love how it feels - the smooth, silky cedar wood. I love the dry heat that reminds me of hot summer childhoods in the WA wheat belt. I … Continue reading Sauna