petitparadis sauna

Mrs PP writes:

The Sauna is the best thing I have ever bought with money, ever. I love how it smells. I like the warm embrace. I love how it feels – the smooth, silky cedar wood. I love the dry heat that reminds me of hot summer childhoods in the WA wheat belt. I love the calm solitude from the crazy, noisy life outside that door.

I noticed recently that you can see the full moon outside the window at certain times of the year. How lovely it is to sit and appreciate life and the world from a little cave.

Science is of course backing up the regular use of a Sauna, proving some health benefits to it. This is particularly amusing given the Finns and other cultures have been using Sauna for thousands of years.

As part of our goals to have a more sustainable lifestyle, the electric-stove ‘dry’ sauna seems a bit of an oxymoron. It forms however a part of our goal for a healthy lifestyle and is a traditional sauna with an electric element powered by solar.

We have looked at our power bills and studied what it would take to have an 8kw “energy-leach” attached to the house. The answer was in a 5kw solar photo-voltaic (PV)system that would theoretically provide energy during the day to the house and feeds back into the grid. So far it appears to be handling the load. We are contemplating a future battery storage which will be equipped to handle this large power drain from the sauna.

The other change we are putting in place is to have most of our saunas during daylight hours (energy producing hours), this way the majority of the energy drain is on the PV system, not on the grid.

sauna window pp


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