Dinosaur Parsley

The paradox in gardening that I re-discover from time to time is: a wonderful success preceded by shear and utter neglect. Our Continental Parsley is such a thing. The most that I could ever have contributed to this success is the choice of a good location (between our rainwater tanks - where the soil remains … Continue reading Dinosaur Parsley

Stone Soup – another way

The Little Fellas are pretty good with eating their vegetables at dinner time. Gran? Not so much. We do like our Bone Broth and notice a difference between the times we consume it and the weeks we might not have any available. This Stone Soup version is a current winner in the household. Rather than … Continue reading Stone Soup – another way


Soup! It doesn't take a change of weather to get soup on the stove. I'm very fond of soups whatever the season and will often have a cup of home-made soup in lieu of hot drinks. With the cooler weather recently and the time to prepare in advance (to get ahead in the cooking department), … Continue reading Soup