Stone Soup – another way

The Little Fellas are pretty good with eating their vegetables at dinner time.

Gran? Not so much.

We do like our Bone Broth and notice a difference between the times we consume it and the weeks we might not have any available. This Stone Soup version is a current winner in the household. Rather than making bone broth and soups separately from time to time I’ve been combining whatever we have that seems to fit the Healthy & Tasty agenda.

stone soup petit paradis




3 thoughts on “Stone Soup – another way

  1. What?!
    Is there really such a thing as stone soup? I mean isn’t it just any sort of soup that gets cooked with stones that contain particular soluble minerals? Nowadays, I think that it means a soup that everyone who want to can make contributions to, by adding any surplus vegetable that happens to be consistent with the theme.


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