UFO – Unidentified Fungal Organism

sunset clouds pp

An amazing display in the sky this evening as we came inside for dinner and tucked in our new arrivals. We have adopted a tribe of guinea pigs which will soon be set to work. In the meantime we are letting them settle and get acquainted with their new location.

fungi pp


This little discovery of a fungi was a welcome sight in the back garden recently. It was really very pristine and had a really intriguing gloss to its top. The details were amazing and this photo really does not portray much of it at all. I knelt down to take a good look of it until it started to rain. It was almost glowing creamy white in the encroaching dusk.

I noticed it has come up in some of the mulch I made some weeks ago. Hopefully there will be more of this to come as we begin to build the site up with masses of carbonaceous material. I did not pick it for the kitchen as I have no idea what it is, but was happy that it was here and took it as a sign that life on our sandy slope is starting to evolve and create some real soil. It does however require some further investigation as indicated by this Dept. of Health website.

If you are wishing to identify the fungal occurrences in own backyard (Western Australia) this is a great on-line visual guide you can download.

Fungi of the Perth Region and Beyond


Further Reading:

Deadly Mushroom ‘discovery’ in WA.

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