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It doesn’t take a change of weather to get soup on the stove. I’m very fond of soups whatever the season and will often have a cup of home-made soup in lieu of hot drinks. With the cooler weather recently and the time to prepare in advance (to get ahead in the cooking department), the stove had three different soups on it today. Bacon & Lentil Soup, Pumpkin Soup and a blended Vegetable Soup. No recipes here folks. Each one is different and depends on what is in the fridge, the garden and the cupboard. Usually with a bit of bone broth that we have on hand and frequently with onion, garlic and a potato or two. This standard soup base usually makes it agreeable to Gran and the Little Fellas.

Throw in some herbs and/or spices depending on the soup and a little seasoning and its a convenient meal or snack. Good for the Little Fellas as a morning or afternoon snack too. Most times Gran can handle a bowl of soup to get her vegetable intake up and finds it easier than eating the vegetables separately.

At other times we are the beneficiaries of soup from my Dad or brother who both make wonderful soups too. I guess my point is, in my opinion, soups are really under-rated. Get one on the go today.


3 thoughts on “Soup

  1. Broth is the best use for all the weird scraps of vegetables that are not good for anything else. When I had a freezer, I would freeze such scraps for broth. All the onion butts and skins, and broccoli leaves, and just any scrap that was too good to discard, but not good enough to eat. We did the same with bones and turkey or chicken carcasses.


      1. Well, it just makes the broth, or stock. The ‘soup’ must still be made with ‘good’ vegetables and meat added to the broth.


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