A Permit of Absence

I’d like to say that I’ve had a somewhat notable absence from this ‘blog’ – but in reality, I’m probably the only one to have noticed this. After all, up to this point it has been largely a personal journal of garden experiences and record keeping. This I can see changing. So in preparation for this I have decided to simplify the process and to limit the labels to 12. As it happens, David Holmgren’s permaculture principles fits nicely into this whole of life living so I am confident that a dozen categories will suffice.
I am feeling a necessity to go a little deeper and capture my thoughts and reasoning’s behind much of what I am applying to my lifestyle. This swirls in and out of the garden-scape, though the garden is pivotal to our way of life so I will be focusing even further on this in the near future. Another reason to pick-up the pace of recording what we do. But there are other areas of life I wish to detail which although they may not pertain directly to ‘garden’ – are a part of the Big Picture Design of Life. They are the strategies and tools used to create our Little Paradise.
I also have an underlying impetus in that I am realizing that this blogging is also a very convenient way to capture in reasonable detail and accuracy a way of life that our young boys are a part of. I see a day when they can look back over these posts as a journal and read as adults some the events and projects that they contributed to in their childhood. Some of the decisions that were made, and why, that may have changed the course we ended up taking as a family. Much like a Book Of Kin, only digital.
The lack of priority in doing posts for the blog has now started its ascending swing of the pendulum again. The permit of absence has closed. There is a new paradise awaiting, but this time I welcome others to be inspired by the journey also.


The back garden in early autumn/fall.

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