A line in the sand -The New Petit Paradis

As posted earlier, to make posting to this blog easier I have limited the post labels to a dozen. These are the permaculture principles and to this point I have not added them to previous posts. The reason for this is to create a kind of demarcation point between the ‘old blog’ and the new. A leap from the original Petit Paradis blog that I started back in 2010 to a simpler assembly of notes and experiences, thoughts and opinions.

Future posts will have labels, older posts will not. If you wish to find articles on a specific topic then simply type keywords into the search area at the side of the page.

I will add these labels as soon as I post appropriate content relating to each label. This will create some incentive for me to mix things up a little in the very near future!

So, for the purpose of this exercise and to bring my wife up to speed with things, what are the Permaculture Design Principles?

These principles are to be applied to an overall permaculture design and I intend to share the many and varied ways that we apply them to our lifestyle in future posts.
In the meantime if you wish to see some of the earlier posts from 2010 you can take the trip to them from HERE. It’s like time travel – hold on tight … but relax.

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