More Changes to Plans – The Chimney

We made the decision on Thursday to have the chimney removed. So now both original chimneys will go.

The first went as it was the original kitchen fireplace and was going to become a bedroom. It was fairly central to the house though and its location made sense to me. We decided to keep the bricks to pave the back area.

The fireplace in the lounge area was more of a feature item and was situated on an outside wall. This did not make sense to me as most of the heat would be lost to the outside.

Now that there is scaffolding around the front corner of the house we met on Thursday to discuss the chimney. We were aware already that it was causing a problem with the wall inside the house but it was pointed out to us that it had also moved about 100mm towards the outside as well. The lime mortar in the bricks towards the top was almost gone under some of the bricks and pressure between the top and the bottom with a weakness in the middle meant it was starting to pinch out in the middle.

A decent storm at some point over the next few years would probably end in bricks on the path and in the neighbour’s garden. So, with a decision to remove the chimney and fix the wall it also meant that we would need to look at re-creating a tile fire area on an internal wall (much better for heating the house), plus we would also have enough extra bricks now to finish the paving out the back!

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