Power Outage


After an hour or so of the power being out tonight, Mrs Petit Paradis was sitting at the dinner table with the little fellows as it got darker outside.

“OK Mummy, can we have the lights back on now?”

Hmm. The answer was in fact “No” but a further explanation was in order. When she shared the story with me on returning home I had a bunch of replies come to mind. Enough to boggle the minds of minors for sure. So I refrained. But you get the adult reply.

We never got a solar pv system put on our house here. The industry was moving very quickly in 2010 when we moved in. We had other financial constraints and we figured we could simply limit our power consumption and revisit the whole universe of solar photovoltaic in some future time.

So now we are. But not here. The renovated house will be adorned in some sort of current solar entrapment. At least for a month or so until its outdated.



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