Winters End


Pelicans returning to the River in the afternoon rain.

Today was a return of more of the rain that visited mid-week. It was not too heavy during the morning which gave me a chance to clean out the rabbit hutches and then we got started on shifting rocks and timber over at the renovation site. We put down plastic wrap (salvaged from the renovation) along the embankment made for the rainwater tanks.

There is a lot going on at the moment with financial considerations, decisions relating to the transition across to the house once completed and just trying to stay ahead of the day to day things that go on in our household. On top of this is the itch to get across to the new house as soon as practicable so we can begin to simplify things.

I’ve never had so much on my plate before. Ever.

On returning home we had lunch and I went for a nap to encourage the boys to take one. The rest of the afternoon was further showers, though much heavier and I did not return to the site to continue with the timber. The above picture of the pelicans making their way home for the evening kind of reflects the very sombre mood of the day.

Still, we got some stuff done. And no, I doubt we’ve seen the last of the rain, despite September approaching. There will be more to come I am sure.

A somewhat dishevelled hen sheltering from the rain.


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