Preparation of the Site


The chooks take a break in the afternoon garden.

Today we spent more time over at the site remedying the water run-off situation which after the rain yesterday afternoon – it was pretty apparent we needed to do better!

So of course we did. It is after all a rather steep slope. So we continued supporting the embankment with rocks. I took a sledge hammer to the last remaining BIG rocks. This cleared up the area where I plan to put a pond.

The boys were getting up to mischief in the sand with sticks and stones and bits of timber – and having a great time. A distraction from the job at hand. With a brief toilet break in which they visited the nearby park, I knuckled in and got the rocks out of the way while I could.

We then managed to make fantastic progress by shifting salvaged timber out of the way so I can begin to plan for the creation of swales further up the slope. We also dug out smaller swales to catch and divert the water further up the slope. Already it is evident that the rain is shifting nutrients down to the bottom of the garden.

Further soil was added to the garden bed from our current chook pen and more potatoes planted to make the most of it in the build up to a proper planting out of the garden bed.

We even planted out some of the first trees. A small collection of acacia that I have grown from seed collected over the past few years in anticipation of the new garden. These will be used as pioneer plants. There are some large, bushy Sydney Wattles on the border of the block which I am glad the neighbour has not removed (they are a declared pest species in Western Australia). These will be used for mulching the swales and cultivated for further foliage for later use as mulch. They are prolific growers (as most pests are) but will be ‘chopped and dropped’ before getting the opportunity to bare mature seed.

There are hopefully enough salvaged lengths of timber to put up a trellis for the espaliered fruit trees. I have a small pile of choice lengths to select from. This is one of the priority jobs so that there is a barrier at the top of the 2 metre plus retaining wall.

On returning home there was more work to do whilst the going was good. It was a beautiful sunny afternoon. Almost as though we had winter yesterday and spring today. I set about preparing some sweet potato and pepino cuttings to strike for planting out into the swales at the new garden and making a list of some of the priorities and order of events for a move of the garden which is seeming so very imminent with the approach of the warmer weather.


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