Moments of Awareness


grevillea olivavea pp
Grevillea olivacea – note the olive-like leaves.

Hints of Spring are everywhere.

In the early morning I could hear a Shining Bronze Cuckoo down in the valley. Caroling magpies are louder and there is an endearing quality about their song. They have started calling later into the night this past week that I have noticed.

The frog calls from the valley are persistent and pulsing. A nocturnal chorus like the magpies, to vocalise the coming Spring through the night time hours.

I could hear the rasping calls of young Silver-eyes in the garden today as parent birds delivered grubs and feed. They are somewhere towards the front of the garden, either in the tree or the low bushes. They have nested in the garden most years, often raising more than one brood.

The Grevillea olivacea is in abundant yellow flower near our garden shed. It is a beautiful medium-sized tree that I am very fond of and so have planted one in the front garden and plan to put more into the new garden where possible to pamper the native birds. The New Holland honeyeaters love the flowers. As do the Western Rosellas who have moved into the area over the last week or so on a regular basis to delicately feed on the blossoms. The ground below is feathered with dissected yellow flowers from the feeding hoards above.

Western Rosella

Today, being my sole day at home this week was filled with a quick look through the renovation and a chat with The Builder. The place is really shaping up nicely and will no doubt be picking up pace with the coming month as we draw towards a completion date. I then spent some time looking over the garden.

Mrs PP has sold all the young rabbits this past week, so the garden looked rather different having some empty hutches. There is the little black kit from Blackberry still remaining with us, but she is sold in advance. So we are back where we started which is kind of nice because it will make moving the rabbits a little less complicated – and the garden account is cashed up with money for feed.

I was also lucky enough to have my Dad save his green waste for us. So this got picked up and delivered to the new garden. I also saw a neighbour piling up waste ready for a trip to the waste site. I managed to take that off his hands also and saved him a trip!

Some of this got mulched into finer pieces and will be added to the garden bed. I also set up two compost bins and took over some soil wriggling with compost-worms to start off with – plus our kitchen scraps.

Over the next few weeks I plan to shift more of the garden ‘waste’ I have collected over to the new garden. Already several large piles of green waste, waste paper and wood/timber has gone into the garden. This should create a favourable base for the creation of our garden soil. Offers of other materials are coming forward as work colleagues hear of the garden with the large appetite.

At some point I am going to have to start the construction of swales and mark out a garden design that accounts for the change in the upper part of the block due to the large pad and embankment that has been created to accommodate the temporary placement of the water tanks. Then we can start to prepare for planting out the nursery of plants, cuttings and fruit trees.

Silver-eyes are nesting at the moment.

Our plan for this is to involve friends, family and those that took part in the transformation of the house to plant trees and plants with us. A kind of garden blessing.

Before any of this however, I will be clearing up the garden at our current house. I has had me reflecting on the many different guises it has had over the years. From a garden of grass and sand and trees to a flourishing oasis of diversity, to a seed saver’s workshop, to an abandoned backyard (when we rented elsewhere), to a child’s playground and nature play area. Slowly it is starting to revert back to an average looking backyard which doesn’t sit well with me. So I am focussing on the new garden.

I hope to do a bit of a post on the changes to the garden over the years. And finally, I planted out some tomato and chilli seeds today. It was quite a hot day towards midday so I thought I’d get some seedlings happening in advance.

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