New Adventures in Poop Scooping

Last Sunday I was up early to get out and get some horse manure. I had been offered the unique opportunity to pick up horse manure from a friends horse paddocks.  I turned up with some old stock feed bags, some gloves and an empty ute (utility).

To me this was an exciting venture for a Sunday morning. I’ve carted trailer loads of horse manure to the house garden before but most of it was full of sand and was really just a filler for the soil.

This stuff was much better. Much, much better. There was a few acres of horse manure in little piles around the place, dotted with the odd cow paddy. But I had to pick it up. I got to it systematically and within 2 hours had a dozen bags – heavy bags – of quality dung.

It wasn’t fresh stuff, so as I was picking it up to put it in the bag I was also picking up the odd worm. They were prolific under the piles. Big, fat, turd-engorged red wigglers.

I am aware that this is not a common fascination with the general public, but this stuff was exciting because it was going to be part of the foundation for our vegetable garden at the new house. This was going to feed the worms and the soil that was going to feed the greens and other crops that were going to feed me and my family!

Along with the manure I also put into our new garden bed some nasturtiums and old straw that I took from our current garden. Plus some buckets of rabbit manure, wood chips and assorted stuff from the chook pen left over from sieving soil for planting seeds.

It was a beautiful morning to be outside. It was like Spring had arrived, it was sunny with a light breeze, the magpies were singing and the cuckoo was around. It was a great opportunity to get some exercise and fresh air.


The base of the garden bed.  It will be finished with extra soil and materials later.


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