Rainwater Storage


Today was marked by the arrival of the two 23 000 litre rainwater tanks. (6075 gallons)

I had figured in my head that we would be able to man-handle them down onto the pad when they arrived from the top of the block. I’ve shifted large tanks at the Community Garden and they are cumbersome but not impossible.

I do have to admit to being a little taken back when I spotted the tanks on the back of the truck some way up the road before we even reached the block. They looked much bigger than I expected!

“So how much do they weigh?” I asked the delivery guy.

“400 kilos.” (881 pounds)

Hmmm. We had The Plumber and two carpenters on hand as well as myself and guided by the delivery guy we managed to roll both tanks down the slope, turn them and drop them into position without any of us going pancake in the process.

We nudged them close to the back of the slope and my goodness – they fit! With room in-between just as we’d figured out and with enough room to get around. It was deceiving how large they looked on their sides on the back of the truck.

While The Plumber and myself discussed the connection of the pipes, overflow pipes and greywater matters the delivery fella went about adding the couplings and covers for the tanks. He told us that at least one of the tanks had been manufactured that morning in Perth and here it was delivered and in situation by 1.30 pm. Not bad at all.


The extra benefit at this point is that there is enough room left on the pad to move some of the materials I have salvaged from the renovation so they are easily accessible when the time comes to use them. This will also free up room on the lower part of the block to start rolling out piping for the tanks and the greywater system. Also it tidies the area up and I can start to work on translating the permaculture design from the page to the landscape.

Meanwhile . . . the rocks that were used as the base for the lounge room chimney had been moved up to the top of the block by Dave the Digger. He had also removed about half of the concrete path from the front and side of the house.

The tiling was progressing with grout going in and the floorboards have been put into the newer part of the kitchen, the boys room (where the central, previous kitchen chimney stood) and also into what will be Gran’s boudoir. It’s all looking good.

The Plumber estimated that the four tanks collecting rainwater under the house will fill one of these large tanks over 5 pump cycles.

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