Winds Of Change


Hardenbergia comptoniana – Our Native Wisteria colours the backyard in late winter.


Despite the overcast weather and the odd shower of rain, the breeze is warm and hints of a coming Spring.

Over the weekend I caught the scent on the breeze that is unmistakably the perfume of an approaching and not so far off Spring. The plum trees in our garden are blossoming. Our neighbour’s up the road have abundant flowers on theirs, though their mature trees are getting a lot more direct sun also.

I hang out the washing in the hope that the wind will do most of the drying despite the lack of sunshine and shortly after it rains again. Heavily.

My youngest son assists me with sorting out the seeds ready for planting out. Some are old seeds so they go into a collective jar to be broadcast sown across the forthcoming mound garden as a green mulch. Others we will plant out soon to get seedlings started for an eventual planting at the new garden.

In the distance a Cuckoo calls and I remind myself to check the bird book again. The birds are on the move. They are calling early and I anticipate the nocturnal caroling of the magpies will start soon if it hasn’t already. Happily, some of these natural events are marked by associated memories in my life. When the magpies start their night time caroling is a reminder of when I first met my wife. This also means that the freesias will soon start to appear out of the earth with their bright white flowers and some coloured ones too if we are lucky. Their perfume will confirm to the senses that Spring is coming. This wonderful scent will be carried across the land on the winds of change that herald the start of the Southern Hemisphere Spring. Here in Western Australia there is already the wintry thrill of brilliant yellow acacia blossom dotting the landscape. Soon there will be much more as the warmer weather closes in.

The renovation is drawing near its completion.  My mind is full of matters that need addressing and the sequence of things related to the build, the move, the garden, our current house…

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