Thoughts from a Soggy Sock

It didn’t rain much today. At least not until this evening when we had a nice shower, however fleeting.

The ground this morning was wet due to an early morning shower and my boots, having been worked hard over the last few weeks, were failing to keep my feet dry. I moved frantically in the early morning attending to jobs, not out of a willingness to spend time in the garden, but as a matter of necessity in order to move on and do the next thing. And the next thing. And the next thing. There were seedlings of corn to plant out. A compost pile to attend to. The start of the hedge to begin. Trees to nurture.

A man attending the neighbours place stopped for a chat, as he had done 3 years ago. I recall talking to him then. He queried me on the rainwater tanks.

“How do they fill up?”

“From sump tanks under the main house, the water is pumped into them and then supplied to the house.”

“You could buy a lot of water for the cost of those tanks, …. but then, it’s rainwater I suppose.”


My head was dizzy with the thoughts of stuff that needed attending to. Crazy – this period of time I find myself in. Crazy all this permacultury-business that keeps the neighbours guessing. Or mortified. I’m not really sure.

The trees at the Community Garden needed attending to after showers and winds. A friend dropped by and invited me to tour his rural block. In desperation for some down-time I accepted. It had taken over a year for me to get there. This was a good opportunity and as serendipity would have it, it paid off in several ways which will reveal themselves over time. As it turned out it was actually less than a kilometre from where I was collecting horse manure last week.

I marvelled at little groves of tagasaste lining the property. “I dream of this stuff…” I said. There was a chestnut tree. Actually two, kept to a nice height and I was relieved to see that they could be kept in check. My Dad had recently given me one and I wasn’t all that sure if it would suit the block, or be too big. I’m going to plant all the large trees I have now.

Given my reluctance to do much more on the back of the block I have returned to the design again, in order to clarify my thinking. Since making this decision I have received several indications that this is the right decision and that I am on the right track. Patience with this. It will be worth it, I tell myself.


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