Non-Cereal Breakfasts @ Petit Paradis

Things have been pretty busy. Nothing new there. Just more of it.

Busyness that is.

So I’m handing over this post to Mrs PP.

petitparadis crumnle

I love a good solid breakfast. I realise not everyone does, but the petit paradis family agrees with me.

What I find hard some mornings is the thought of actually preparing breakfast from scratch. We started our real food journey many years ago now, and going back to toast and cereal in the morning is really not negotiable. The energy boost for getting into the day is just incomparable.

Here are two of the quick start breakfasts, that aren’t liquid. We will save those for another day.

Raw Apple-Crumble

In a high powered blender, mix equal parts (usually 100g of each) shredded coconut, sunflower seeds and almonds until they resemble bread crumbs. Add a handful (around 50g) of dried fruit (dates, apricots etc) and blend again until mixture resembles apple crumble topping. Remove this mixture from the blender. Then add into the blender, four apples and two or three oranges roughly chopped. Pulse these until they are roughly chopped into 1cm chunks.

Serve with a scoop of fruit mixture and add the crumble mixture as topping. To this you can add yoghurt, extra nuts, frozen blue berries. . . .  and enjoy. Alternatively, add as a topping on chopped fruit.

Banana Eggs

Scramble one large banana with four eggs in a high powered blender. Cook in a frypan and scramble as you go. This can also make pancakes if you have time. Add cinnamon while scrambling. Serve with fresh berries, yoghurt and a naughty splash of maple syrup or honey if desired.


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