Power Down

Yesterday. It was unsettling how warm the air was outside. The wind was picking up and trees were starting to sway and bend in the park. The Norfolk Pines that usually stand tall were leaning in the wind gusts. After breakfast, while school drop off was occurring, the power went off. Apparently it was across the whole south west of the State from Kalbarri to Esperance. And it was going to be an extended outage due to the nature of the storm and getting crews to locations. Mainly in regional areas.

Despite the strong, gusty winds (I thought they would be too strong to collect the leaves in piles) I was once again delighted with the mornings harvest of leaves from our Leaf Trap.

leaf pile petit paradis

I had started to tidy the back yard up a little and move fruit trees around. I had it in my mind to work over at the other house, but with the power down there as well, there wasn’t much point. So I did more digging and preparing for the second garden bed. Tried to determine the next phase of the process.

I’ve finally had visual confirmation of some of the birds around the garden that I’ve been hearing. The Western Spinebill and the Rufous Whistler (which was a female). I suspect both of these are visitors from the native bushland at the top of the hill. This is a hint as to what kind of native plants will be welcomed when it comes to planting out at the back of the block.

In the sky, high above the house, a Little Eagle appeared to hover in the volatile winds for most of the morning before disappearing elsewhere. It is also good to have them around too as they are amazing to watch. Elsewhere in the garden the Grey Fantail ducked and dived and zigged and zagged around me and over me as I prepared the next compost bin on the raised garden. We moved the rabbit hutch and put Spot back in with Luna and Blackberry after having to care for her  separately due to ear mites. Luna gave her a good clean while I dug up the soil from where the hutch had been to get the new compost pile started.

With the power off, I noticed the back tap leaking.  I placed a watering can under it throughout the day, but with the lack of power this one tap appeared to be letting water through. No others in the house were doing it, which was good. No power also meant that despite a quick, heavy shower of rain and our bottom tanks filling, the water could not be pumped to the header tanks at the top of the block.

Meanwhile, Mrs PP had dinner sorted. What do you get when you cross a woolen blanket with an esky and a massaman curry? An energy efficient curry dinner. It was heated on the gas stove top and then nestled into a woolen blanket inside the esky. Closed up and left for five hours. Just as well. The power remained off. The Little Fellas where ravenous. I was ravenous after working out the back. We dined by candle light on a beautifully tender beef and vegetable curry. Eventually, after much discussion on what occurs to our power and how solar power works and how to behave around candles and in poor lighting . . .  the power came back on. The rainwater pump kicked into life. The street lights lit up once more. It was time for bed. I kept making notes though. How can we do this better next time? What do the Little Fellas need to be able to get by without power? What kind of things does Gran need to feel safe and secure? When will solar battery banks be cheaper?


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