Tuesday, Monsters & Tick Tock

The monotonous humdrum of life. That world of Tick Tock. Living by the Clock. How dragging it can be . . .

Be. Here. Now.

How often I find myself reminding me of this. How often I slip away from it.

The distractions are often, frequent, frustrating and tedious. As an example the neighbours kids frequently knock on our back door. Even during the school day when our own Little Fellas are out. They just want to play, its a fair thing. But it interrupts my routine and if Gran or the Little Fellas are taking a nap – or even Me – it is a bit of a nuisance.

So, they are gradually being introduced to the Do Not Disturb sign. Some of them of course, cannot read, so it is enough that they understand that the sign on the door handle is a red light, not a green one. There is no open for business, play or monkeying around.


It’s siesta time at Petit Paradis. Wrong way, turn back.

Gradually, I am gaining their agreement on this. It is good. I can move on to remedying other challenges, problems and situations, like Gran sitting in the encroaching darkness doing her jigsaw puzzle. Who have the technology (lights), just missing the awareness of when it is appropriate to use them.

So, without letting an opportunity slip by for a wee bit of humour, we have a sign for Tuesday which reads:

tuesday pp

The garden is taking care of itself today. With the recent rains and the rain tanks happily spilling out into the top swales with an exuberant gurgle of abundance, the grass is growing and the broad beans are filling out. The spinach is growing and flowing out across the garden beds in fountains of greenness. The honeyeaters are darting amongst the forest of beans and spinach and tomatoes. The air is warm and wispy with a tickle of sweet, sea air. In various locations there is the perfume of sweet peas or orange blossom. Pockets of sweet alyssum.

In special, fleeting moments, sometimes lasting only minutes of time whilst doing chores, the garden has the magic to pull the attention. Be, here, now, it says.

Be. Here. Now.



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